Temporary Signs

Temporary signage is regulated to avoid a proliferation of signage placed in the public right of way and on properties within the village. Excess signage detracts from the appearance of our businesses, and in some cases, can pose a hazard to motorists and pedestrians. 

The following link provides the regulations outlining the minimum requirements for temporary signage. Please click HERE

All promotional signs of temporary nature, except signs on windows and doors for grand openings, sales and other reasonable similar events may be granted a temporary permit for a period not to exceed thirty (30) days, provided that such signs are not attached to trees, utility poles or the like and further provided that such signs are not placed in a position that will obstruct or impair vision or traffic or in any way or manner create a hazard or disturbance to the health and welfare of the general public.  For special events, sales, promotions, civic and community events, three (3) display periods shall be allowed per calendar year, and a fifteen (15) day interval shall be required between displays at the same location. 

Temporary Sign Permit Fee is $40.00