Inspire Hydrants!

2016 Call for Artists-INSPIRE HYDRANT! 

THE SILENT BID AUCTION HAS ENDED!! PLEASE VISIT (Click on the 'Inspire Hydrant' tab) FOR FURTHER INFORMATION. Thank you to our amazing artists who helped our community grow. Congratulations to the Fox Lake Volunteer Fire Department and Promote Fox Lake on each receiving $892.50 from the proceeds of the auction!  

In an effort to promote art in the community for all to enjoy, the Village of Fox Lake is pleased to announce its inaugural public art installation exhibit, “Inspire Hydrants”. Beautifying the streets of downtown Fox Lake from early July through the Fall, 12 decorated, retired fire hydrants have been displayed along Grand Avenue. This installation will culminate with a public auction to further the creative economy in Fox Lake. 

40% of the proceeds go back to the artists. 30% goes to Promote Fox Lake, a local 501c3, and 30% goes to the Fox Lake Volunteer Fire Department, a local 501c3.                                                                                                                                Please contact Donovan Day at (847)587-3176 or with questions.

And the winners are:                                                                                                                                       $625.00     1-Probie Lego Man-J Lee
$100.00     2-Sunflower-Fox Lake Library Staff
$75.00.      3-Magic Man-Donna Spalla
$125.00      4-Goldfish-The Fosters
$225.00     5-Sparky-Greg Murrey
$175.00     6-Captain America-Jill Loring
$500.00    7-Dream Big-The Fosters
$175.00     8-Anchor-Sarah Bochniak
$275.00     9-Blackhawks-Michael Fontanetta
$250.00     10-Wish-Judy Foszocz
$225.00     11-Hydrant Hydrangea-Judy Foszocz
$225.00     12-It's Always 5 O'Clock in Fox Lake-Christine Schumacher


Jean Waschow Blackhawks
Laura Rudkin Sparky
Courtney Schneider Sunflower
Stacey Marszal Captain America
Elizabeth Waddington Hydrant Hydrangea
Jessica Metropulos  Goldfish
Brian Marr It’s Always 5 O’clock in Fox Lake
Danielle Torres Probie
Carolyn Noga Wish
Averie Schultz  Magic Man-Fox Lake is Pure Magic
Kristina Bell Anchor
The Foster Family, Tim, Diane, Axton and Tianna Dream Big
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